You have to wait for the good things!

You can read in my previous post that we are struggling to pass the Titanic holobuilding. Since I had no better idea, I started dissecting what could be the problem with saving the program.
What are you struggling with? What can’t you calculate? Where is the system stuck?…
I decided to start breaking down the batteries in a row and save one after each piece .. until then, you can’t save it yet. so i dismantle the ship.

Since you didn’t report the bug under “my blueprints”, you have to edit it in “my buildings” to play around figuring out why you can’t put it down.

You already know that if you can’t calculate, it says: “ERROR LOADING DATA” and “PLACE FOR FREE”.

I started with the elements I thought were complicated. (mast, rope, cranes, windows, stairs, chimney…)
I almost dismantled the half ship by the time it would have calculated how much it would cost to lay it down without a mistake.

At this point, I thought there would be an error with one of the windows. But it was only here that the number of Polygons dropped so much that it was easy to calculate. The error was not here, because whichever window I deleted, the backup was still successful. However, if the error is not visible, it can be any element and any number.
This realization was a deep enough point for me to almost give up.

In the next round, I divided the boat into three parts (front, middle, end).


I first wiped the middle and end to filter out if there was an error at the beginning. Then I watched the end the same way. When that two ends were good, I started just dealing with the middle.


I took the complicated items in a row. Like stairs, cranes, masts, chimneys.  An interesting phenomenon came from the chimneys. For the sake of simplicity, I will name it “A” — “B” — “C” and “D” chimneys.


In just a few minutes, he indicated that it could be put down, meaning everything would be okay and that would cost so much. My eyes widened. I was so relieved that I could fly. They were grateful to those who work on this great team (E2). They really followed him, fixed the mistake, and all with due professionalism.
Not only the deposit was allowed but the rescue was drastically reduced to a few seconds. Between saved and experienced backups at any time of the day, regardless of the immediate size of the project.

Finally, I’m so glad I didn’t suffer any more from debugging tests and decompression. If we are convinced that we do not have the error then you should write to Support and I think you will be happy to resolve the error!

Hats off! Just keep going Earth 2!

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