The Journey of Legacy of Bermuda: From Concept to Virtual Reality

My name is Daniel, I’m the founder of the Legacy of Bermuda and i will introduce you the story of our brand from nothing till nowadays as we promised in our previous blog post.

In the expansive virtual world of, my journey began in January 2021 with an idea that quickly grew into something extraordinary – Legacy of Bermuda. A family member first introduced me to the potential of this digital platform, sparking my imagination and presenting an opportunity to merge my passions for gaming, cryptocurrency, and innovative earning models.

Creating a MegaCity in Virtual Bermuda


My adventure started with acquiring virtual land in February 2021, a slow and methodical process that was exhilarating with each new acquisition. As my holdings expanded, the complexity within my profile prompted me to define a clearer purpose. Leveraging over a decade of gaming experience and extensive knowledge of cryptocurrency, I envisioned a MegaCity – a vibrant, interactive metropolis that would allow individuals from around the globe to connect and collaborate.


Selecting Bermuda as the location for this MegaCity was deliberate – a paradise aligning perfectly with my ambition to leave a lasting legacy. Thus, Legacy of Bermuda was born – a name that encapsulated my aspirations within the virtual realm.

Visual and Musical Representations Come to Life


Realizing that a compelling concept needed equally compelling visuals, I began searching for a designer who shared my vision. This search led me to Peter, introduced by a trusted friend. Our collaboration began with the creation of an iconic logo and quickly expanded to producing a captivating trailer for the MegaCity, released on May 7, 2021.

The success of the trailer inspired us to go further, leading to the production of a short film that brought the narrative of our virtual world to life, released on July 17, 2021.

Seeing the results of our combined efforts, I invited Peter to join me as a core member of Legacy of Bermuda. Since then, we have led the project together, blending our skills and passions to drive it forward.


Music was the next piece of our artistic expression. Peter and I connected with talented singer Radó Éden and composer Kökényes Dániel, creating a song that captured the essence of Legacy of Bermuda. This track was not just music; it was the soul of our project, premiered in a lyric video on December 23, 2021, to widespread acclaim.


2022 focused on identifying critical aspects and expanding knowledge, leading to the initial creation of our project website. However, it soon became apparent that this website needed an overhaul to meet our evolving needs. In 2023, with a fantastic new web developer joining our core team, we redesigned the website, giving Legacy of Bermuda a fresh, innovative online presence.


Our exploration into the world of NFT art also began during these years, presenting new challenges and opportunities. Despite the difficulties, these endeavors provided invaluable experiences and helped us understand the intricacies of digital art.


Engaging the Community Through Events and Art


Over the years, we’ve also hosted multiple events to engage our community more deeply. This included Earth2 land giveaways, competitions, and the creation of unique E2xLoB designed pictures, short videos, digital arts, and more. These activities not only enhanced our community’s involvement but also showcased the creative spirit of Legacy of Bermuda, further enriching the project’s vibrant culture.


Looking Forward


Now, in 2024, Legacy of Bermuda stands on the brink of new developments. With a dedicated team and a clear vision, we continue to evolve and are excited to share updates on our progress. The story of Legacy of Bermuda is a testament to the power of passion and collaboration in crafting a meaningful legacy in the vast possibilities of the virtual world.

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