The Earth2 platform has introduced a diverse collection of skins and avatars, enhancing the customization options for users in this virtual space. Launched in December 2023, the collection began with the first-ever avatar named Kyung, setting the stage for a growing array of skins/avatars available through the Earth2 Skin Store. Users have the option to resell these skins, adding a layer of economic interaction within the platform.


Among the offerings are various themed collections such as “Cupid’s Cleaner” and “Eventide,” each with its unique set of items like sunglasses, hitman dress shoes, and iconic pants, to name a few. These collections are not only about aesthetics but also come with limited editions and specific total supplies, creating a sense of exclusivity and value. For instance, the “Cupid’s Cleaner” collection features Valentine’s Day 24 Limited Edition items, including all-class hitman sunglasses, classic leather hitman dress shoes, and a dappered-up hitman tuxedo, each with a total supply of 3000.

Moreover, the platform includes festive-themed skins like the “Festive Adventurer” and “Festive Scout” collections, offering items such as fine leather trim gold decal pants, fine leather gold buckle gloves, and a Santa-style hat with baubles, also with a total supply of 3000 for each item. These collections emphasize the platform’s dedication to providing users with a variety of customization options to enhance their virtual experience.