Red Energy within Earth2 is a crucial resource for sustaining and managing the “First Edition Civilians,” a new feature that allows players to automate certain raiding-related actions and potentially other tasks in the future. Civilians need 1 unit of Red Energy (RE) per week to stay loyal and active. The global balance of RE at an account level is used to fund civilian sustenance. If a player runs out of RE, their civilians will cease working and begin wandering until sufficient RE is available to lure them back. This system emphasizes the importance of successful gameplay and strategic resource management to grow and sustain a player’s civilian workforce. Additionally, Red Energy can be transferred instantly via a player’s Mentar network, allowing it to be used globally across different properties owned by the player.

This flexibility supports a dynamic and interconnected gameplay experience, where actions and resources in one part of the game world can directly impact outcomes in another. Moreover, the introduction of Red Energy and Civilians is part of Earth2’s broader efforts to create immersive and interactive game mechanics. These features aim to blend various player activities, such as strategic planning and direct in-game actions, into a cohesive gameplay experience. The development team is focused on building systems with completed game loops and integrating diverse player activities into a unified game environment.