MetaGravity and Earth2 Forge Partnership to Create Groundbreaking Interactive 3D Replica of Earth

San Francisco, CA – March 17, 2024 – In a visionary partnership, MetaGravity, a leader in decentralized cloud infrastructure solutions, and Earth2, the creators of an innovative 1:1 scale interactive digital Earth, announce their collaboration. This alliance aims to utilize MetaGravity’s HyperScale Engine to bring unparalleled scalability and performance to Earth2, enhancing the platform’s capability to support extensive multiplayer interactions and integrate AI NPCs. This collaboration is set to redefine the boundaries of digital exploration and interaction within a geolocational metaverse.

Earth2: A Visionary Digital Earth Experience


Earth2 stands as a groundbreaking project, creating a geolocational metaverse that mirrors our planet in a detailed digital form. This platform aims to create a seamless bridge between physical reality and digital realms, offering an immersive world for exploration and the development of an alternate reality. With over 100 million parcels of land sold, Earth 2 is the largest Virtual Land Registry, continually evolving and expanding its vision of an alternate digital Earth.

MetaGravity’s HyperScale Engine: Elevating the Multiplayer Experience


The collaboration leverages MetaGravity’s HyperScale Engine, designed to manage the vast computational demands of Earth2’s expansive environment. This technology promises to break through player concurrency limitations while maintaining high visual fidelity, ensuring an immersive experience for users. The integration with Unity 2023 (HDRP) positions HyperScale Engine as a pivotal solution for rendering complex physics interactions and vast multiplayer experiences within Earth2’s extensive digital landscape.

Unveiling the Future of Digital Worlds Together


The partnership between MetaGravity and Earth2 symbolizes a significant step forward in the evolution of the metaverse, aiming to create an expansive digital reality with unprecedented levels of scalability, performance, and immersive player experiences. This collaborative effort seeks to offer users the ability to explore, interact, and partake in a variety of experiences across a meticulously replicated digital Earth.

Earth 2 at GDC 2024: A Showcase of Innovation


At GDC 2024, Earth2 will present a public access build of Earth2 Version 1 (E2V1), offering attendees a glimpse into the foundational aspects of this seamless digital Earth. The main features of the E2V1 build to be demonstrated include:


  • Free camera mode navigation across the digital Earth.
  • Avatar spawning anywhere within the world.
  • Avatar toggling capabilities.
  • Utilization of vehicles such as cars, boats, Cydroids, and the jet spaceship.
  • Display options for the grid, flags, and ownership details.
  • Adjustable atmospheric conditions, including density and color tint.
  • Satellite overlay for any global location.
  • Dynamic fish spawns, campfires, fog, depth of field, and more.
  • Teleportation to over 20 diverse biomes.
  • Seasonal and day cycle adjustments.
  • Wave level customization.
  • Target practice mini-game with rifle and rocket launcher, including scorekeeping.
  • E-ther mini-game with scorekeeping.
  • The unique ability to spawn beach balls for added enjoyment.

    Attendees of GDC 2024 in San Francisco are invited to visit the Earth2 and MetaGravity booth, Stand S927, to experience the future of digital Earth exploration firsthand. This event represents an unparalleled opportunity to explore the capabilities of this emerging digital realm.

About MetaGravity


MetaGravity is at the forefront of decentralized cloud technology, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of digital infrastructure. Its HyperScale Engine epitomizes the company’s commitment to innovation, transforming the landscape of multiplayer and spatial computing in digital environments.

About Earth2


Earth2 is a comprehensive digital twin of our planet, envisioned in a 1:1 scale. It represents the merging of physical and virtual realities, providing a limitless platform for exploration, creativity, and interaction. As Earth2 continues to evolve, it captivates users worldwide, pushing the limits of what virtual worlds can achieve.

Contact Information


For further details, please visit MetaGravity and Earth2 online.

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