🎄🎁🌟 LoB Christmas Event Announcement! 🌟🎁🎄

Dear Bermudians,


As the joyous season of Christmas approaches, we are thrilled to fulfill our promise of the Christmas Giveaway! We’re excited to reveal that numerous Earth2 tiles, including those nestled in Bermuda and other incredible locations, eagerly await new owners.


To partake in this giveaway, simply follow these steps:



If you prefer not to share a picture, feel free to comment your Christmas Wish, and it might just come true.

About the Prizes:

This Christmas, multiple prizes are up for grabs:


    • Lualaba, Democratic Republic of the Congo — 25 tiles
      Resources: Gold (HF) Iron Ore (UF) Limestone (HF) Copper (HF) Tin (UF) Cobalt (HF) Platinum (HF) Titanium (UF) Uranium (HF) Vanadium (UF)
      Property Link


    • Пскент, Tashkent Region, Uzbekistan — 25 tiles
      Resources:Gold (HF) Iron Ore (HF) Copper (HF) Zinc (HF) Tungsten (UF) Molybdenum (HF) Tellurium (HF) Rhenium (HF)
      Property Link


    • Uis, Erongo, Namibia — 25 tiles
      Resources: Gold(UF) Iron Ore (HF) Limestone (HF) Oil (HF) Copper (UF) Tin (HF) Niobium (HF) Neodymium (UF) Zirconium (UF) Tantalum (HF)
      Property Link



    • We giving away to one lucky person a lifetime LoB VIP membership card.


Additionally, in anticipation of our brand’s registration in January 2024, we’re announcing multiple ways to stand a chance to receive our inaugural physical utility package:



Each participation method will be rolled out separately to ensure fair chances of winning. Should you complete all three methods, you can maximize your chances to threefold.


Stay tuned for further announcements regarding the contents and distribution of the first-ever LoB package.


Furthermore, we’re opening a charity-based method for this Christmas Giveaway! Contact us on any of our social media platforms until the 23rd of December if you would like to contribute some lands for this noble cause. On the 24th of December, we will be rolling out these lands along with the ones we’re already planned to giving away. The rolling method will be managed via Twitter Picker.

Let’s gear up for Christmas by spreading love and care abundantly! Remember, many among us yearn for love. Giving is caring!


Warm regards, The Legacy of Bermuda Team 🎄👽🖖🎁

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