Jewels are unique assets that players can collect, trade, craft, and slot into their properties. Their primary function is to boost resource production, enhance E-ther detection rates, and improve overall property performance. Jewels come in three tiers, with higher tiers offering more significant benefits. They are periodically spawned on Tier 1 lands, which are known to generate more Jewels than other land tiers​​. Collecting and Crafting Jewels Jewels spawn on player-owned lands, and their frequency depends on the land’s tier.

Players can collect these Jewels directly from their resources tab or purchase them from the Earth2 Bazaar. The Bazaar offers a wide variety of Jewels, including rare types like Luminous and Brilliant Jewels, which command higher prices​​. To craft higher-tier Jewels, players combine lower-tier Jewels. For example, three Tier 1 Jewels can be combined to create a Tier 2 Jewel, and two Tier 2 Jewels can be combined to craft a Hybrid Tier 3 Jewel. These crafted Jewels offer boosts for combinations of resources and can significantly enhance E-ther detection rates on the properties they are slotted into​​.
Tier 1 Jewels The basic form of Jewels, Tier 1, directly boosts a specific resource’s production percentage when slotted into a property. Each Jewel color corresponds to a different resource, such as Wood, Freshwater, Limestone, Iron, Oil, Precious Metals, Sand, and Coal​​. Tier 2 and Tier 3 Jewels Higher tiers of Jewels, such as Tier 2 (Prime Jewels) and Tier 3, provide enhanced boosts and benefits.
Tier 2 Jewels are crafted from Tier 1 Jewels and offer a higher percentage boost to resource production. Tier 3 Jewels, including Hybrid Tier 3 Jewels, further increase resource production rates and E-ther detection rates, providing a substantial advantage to the land they are slotted into​​.

Utility and Future Potential Jewels not only play a crucial role in enhancing land productivity but also have a growing utility within the Earth2 ecosystem. With each game update, Jewels gain additional functionalities, making them an increasingly critical asset for players aiming to succeed in the Earth2 metaverse​.