Exciting News and a Unique Opportunity from Legacy of Bermuda! πŸŒŠπŸ†

Dear LoB Community,


One of our dedicated team members showcased their exceptional artistic talents and secured first place πŸ₯‡on the previous ShoonFest2024!


If you haven’t yet seen this incredible artwork, we invite you to watch it unfold here.

” Peter: – As I mentioned in my video, I’m making a diorama for the wooden “Old Fishing Store” house. The house will be built on rocks, with a waterfront, pier and small aquatic life. You can see a little taste of it here.
I chose epoxy resin for pouring the water, but since I haven’t worked with it yet, I wanted to test it first. This is how I came up with the idea to make an E2 area. It was prepared for days before it reached its final form. It still needs further refinements, but I think the end result speaks for itself. I hid wrecks in it and a cave can be discovered under the water. The finished area will then be placed on an engraved plexiglass sheet and form a worthy decoration for the office.
During the construction, I came up with countless ideas, which I am trying to implement as soon as possible. “
This piece isn’t just art; it’s the beginning of a unique interactive experience. We’re thrilled to announce that this will be the first-ever phygital Bermuda tile. To celebrate, we’re launching a game tied to this location. We invite the E2 community to explore, capture, and share a screenshot of this real location, tagging us on Platform X and using the hashtags #LoB, #E2, and #Bermuda. The first to do so will win a spectacular prize of 100 tiles property!
Stay engaged, stay inspired, and let’s make history together with our very first phygital piece!
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