Essence in Earth2 is a significant cryptocurrency that players can generate by owning land within the game. This digital currency, which is poised to run on blockchain technology, can be claimed daily by visiting your profile page. To maximize Essence production, players can follow several strategies, such as setting up properties with specific jewels that enhance Essence generation, upgrading tiles from grade 2 to grade 1, and investing in lots of small (one tile) properties rather than larger ones. These tactics leverage the game’s mechanics to increase the yield of Essence, which can then be used within Earth2’s economy for various purposes.

Lands – info Tiles in Earth2 represent parcels of virtual land corresponding to real-world geolocations. The globe within Earth2 is divided into 10m x 10m tiles, and these tiles are the basic units of property that players can claim, buy, and sell within the game. When you claim land in Earth2, you are essentially securing a digital representation of a real-world location. This land can be held, developed, or listed on the marketplace for sale at a price set by the owner. Players can also receive bids for their land, even if it’s not listed for sale, giving them the option to negotiate or accept offers directly from interested parties.
A unique aspect of Earth2 is the introduction of Property Deeds or Earth Portal Locations (EPLs), which serve as unique identifiers for each property. These IDs allow for easy navigation and identification within the platform, and in future phases, they will enable teleportation to properties, making them more accessible and potentially increasing their value. Tiles are categorized into classes based on the order in which they are purchased within each country, affecting their potential for generating income and their overall desirability.
Class 1 tiles, for example, are the first 100,000 tiles purchased in a country and offer the highest Land Income Tax (LIT) returns. The classes progress to Class 4, which includes tiles purchased after the 500,000th tile in a country and does not provide LIT. The trading of tiles is a significant aspect of Earth2, with a marketplace that facilitates the buying and selling of land. Players can engage in transactions directly through this platform, using strategic considerations to maximize their investments.

he platform imposes a 5% improvement fee on the profit margin of sales, which is reinvested into the development and promotion of Earth2, theoretically enhancing the value of all tiles. Land Income Tax (LIT) is another feature that rewards landowners with daily credits based on the sales activity within their country of ownership. The amount of LIT received depends on the class of the tiles owned and the volume of sales within the relevant country.