Civilians in Earth2 are designed to automate various tasks within the game, initially focusing on aiding players in raiding activities. These characters, known as “First Edition Civilians,” are synthesized using E-ther and are maintained through a sustenance system powered by Red Energy (RE). Introduction and Synthesis:

Civilians will soon be introduced to automate raiding and potentially other tasks. They are created via the Mentar on properties of 4 or more tiles, requiring 20 E-ther for synthesis over a 24-hour period. Each Civilian belongs to one of several factions, each comprising different characters with varying levels of rarity. Sustenance System: Civilians require 1 unit of Red Energy per week for sustenance. The global balance of RE at an account level is used for this purpose. If RE is exhausted, Civilians will wander, stopping their work until they are lured back with sufficient RE.
Roles and Abilities: Civilians are synthesized in a specific order based on their default profession, including roles such as Data Analyst, Cydroid Technician, E-ther Dispenser (Reckoner), Raid Commander, and Cydroid Pilot. Each role comes with specific functions to support raiding operations, from recharging idle Cydroids to automating raids on properties. Future Plans: In the future, wandering Civilians could be lured away by other players if not properly maintained, introducing a new layer of strategy and risk in managing Civilians.

Moreover, the game is expected to evolve, with Civilians playing a more significant role in Earth2’s EcoSim, including farming and agriculture components. The introduction of Civilians adds depth to the gameplay of Earth2, encouraging strategic planning and management of resources to maximize efficiency and productivity within the game’s virtual world​.